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Kimberly A. Stovall has over 23 years experience in representing people with personal injuries. Whether through negotiated settlement or jury trial, the legal team at Stovall & Associates works zealously to achieve the fairness and justice our clients deserve. At Stovall & Associates, we don’t treat you like just another client. Kimberly is passionate about her role as your advocate and will treat you with respect and compassion. Our first objective is to win your case. We use aggressive trial tactics and strategies to maximize your recovery of money damages. Kimberly’s record speaks for itself – she has collected in excess of 100 million dollars for her clients.

Honor and Kindness

We recognize that serious injuries or the wrongful death of a family member can be one of the most devastating and challenging events a person can endure. We have witnessed the tragedies that many families face after suffering an injury or wrongful death due to others’ negligence. We are committed to making this experience as comfortable and non-intimidating for our clients as humanly possible. We are also committed to providing positive outcomes in our clients’ legal disputes so that they can move on with their lives. Kimberly A. Stovall is committed to fighting for the rights of personal injury victims – people just like you. At Stovall & Associates, the scales of justice are not just a symbol.

Professionalism and commitment to clients are the central components of our practice. We realize that serious injuries can put lives on hold and can affect quality of life for years to come. The trust you place in our team to find justice and restore your quality of life is one we do not take lightly. At Stovall & Associates, you will find a commitment to excellence unequaled at other law firms.

Results Count

We advise everyone not to attempt to handle their own case. Unknowingly, you may cause damage to your own case. Our best results are when we handle a case from the very beginning to make sure everything is coordinated together, and the appropriate evidence is obtained. Get us involved as soon as possible – before the insurance company convinces you to give a statement or to sign documents! Never wait to get a personal injury attorney involved right before the statute of limitations. You will find most attorneys will not accept cases close to the statute of limitations.

You deserve frank, open and honest answers about your case. You deserve personal attention from an attorney who has over twenty years experience in handling personal injury cases. Kimberly is experienced in all areas of personal injury law, from initial investigation and trial preparation to settlement and negotiation. Put her extensive experience to work for you!

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